Leena Kejriwal - Leading Indian Photographer  

Entropic Sites

Curated by Shaheen Merali

The new installation, Entropic Sites, marks an important stage for the artist, whose own engagement in social and sexual issues has been deepened recently by the work of several NGOs, including the Apne Aap Women Worldwide organisation, which encourage us to revisit the question of our medieval relationship to slavery and prostitution.

Alongside the benefits offered by the city that provides us with shelter, work and pleasure, the artist’s work and the philosophical base of this work asks us to consider how we can work together effectively to abolish such types of behaviour.

It is worth mentioning here that the former installation, East City, allowed us an understanding of how one can study the continuing behaviour of our ancestors and the platitudes of progress, wherein the seams of modernity are encrusted with village idioms and still seemingly pulsate with revolutionary interventions. For Entropic Sites, a very dark palimpsest is exposed. Often we are arrested by the cat-and-mouse aesthetics of the city’s intent and its contemporary purpose, as pervasive advertising turns the classical into kitsch, and the mundane into the sordid.

Kejriwal’s large scale, sprawling photographic installation is one of the most honest testaments to this eastern dream of expansion and the rise of a technopolis on the site of the ancient city’s carcass, embroiling all human folly.

Artist's Statement