Leena Kejriwal - Leading Indian Photographer  

A life Of Its Own With Stains

This collection of work is an extension of my earlier series on still lives - A life of its own (2004)

"In this series each of the photographers frames is dedicated to the unsung, often unnoticed everyday objects that the city is studded with, objects which give it its very distinctive personality. She compels us to give the humble their due respect even as we question the very essence of life and being alive. The photographer Leena Kejriwal has been blessed with the unusual ability to look for character and beauty in objects often considered mundane. When she steps out with her camera, she seeks out the handsome among the humdrum and the charming among the commonplace. Nothing - however, nondescript it may be to the lay eye, escapes her attention."
A life of its own - Ranjit Hoskote (an excerpt)

Kolkata photographer and Installation artist Leena Kejriwals eye dwells, in the present suite of photographs, on objects selected from the margins of urban life; on details that form part of the everyday life of the thoroughfares, the back alleys, and the quiet if neglected courtyards that are sometimes inset surprisingly into the heart of neighborhoods otherwise fraught with the anxiety of survival.

These details are discreet compositions isolated from the vaster agitations of chance and the grander patterns of collective activity; as such, they assume the role of the still life. Historically, the still life originated as a detail of allegorical value set into a larger tableau; later, the detail acquired autonomy as a distinct genre, serving variously as a symbol compacting a religious allegory, or as a cautionary motif reminding the viewer of mortality and decay, the transience of earthly joys and glories. In this series, one of the best fine art photographers in Kolkata, Leena Kejriwal adequately captures this spirit.

In fact she goes a step further as she brings to life the timeless still lives that our cities are studded with and stains help me convey that. Stains are themselves very personification of life, of life having been there, done this and that and consequently, life leaving behind a footprint for posterity.

These stains are forever. These so called irrelevant stains are also a reminder of all the abuses we wreck on our environment either physically or emotionally. They hope to compel one to review ones actions of neglect and mundane hatred, which are seeds from which bigger gargantuan issues like environment issues and terrorism stem.

Artist's Statement