Leena Kejriwal - Leading Indian Photographer  

On The Streets Of Paris

Leena Kejriwal is no longer an unfamiliar name on the circuit recently,

"On the streets of Paris" an exhibition of photographs by Leena Kejriwal, put together as an "Artists- in Residence" in France in December 2005- January 2006. This Indo - French programme is initiated by the cultural service of the Embassy of France in India, in collaboration with the Alliance Française network in India.

It caters to the geographical and artistic diversity prevailing in India while meeting the real needs of artists from both France and India, allowing them to understand comprehensively these magnificent lands of creativity that the two countries represent. The participation of Kolkata based photographer and installation artist Leena Kejriwal in this programme allowed her to capture a glimpse of this alien world and immortalize them in her frames.

Leena Kejriwal has sought to capture life on the streets of the city through the glass. Be it her lens or windows or doors...all behaving like screens removing her from the scene..

Here is what the artist says...

I have chosen photography as the creative medium to express myself and the medium has helped me in my urge to capture the beauty of life around us.

Life, that is what I have been capturing, everyday life, uneventful, untouched, not constructed, just as it is.. And that is what I had proposed to do during my residency programme in Paris in December 2005.. just watch life go by, jay walk, on and on and to let the road lead me to areas where the people were, so that I could capture them in their spaces.

I found them sometimes behind doors, sometimes behind windows sometimes in the back room of a café. It was in one such that I found my old lady, sitting alone by herself, tucking into her toast. Or the whole family, grand parents and little babies, all having a hearty time in the deep red warmth of a tea room to escape the chilly winter air.

As I peep into these scenes through windows and doors, they are to me scenes of perhaps from a movie, because this world is so different from my own. The glass acts as a tangible wall between the scene and me like a screen to the picture within. Yet they were scenes which had an underlying similarity with life scenes back home. These scenes move in no tangible directions but ignite my curiosity and so urge me to catch them..

Artist's Statement