Leena Kejriwal - Leading Indian Photographer  

Kalikatha series

Kolkata -- loved, lived-in and lambasted -- is a fount of creative inspiration. Lutyens Delhi is soon to catch a glimpse into the heart and soul of the ageing, young-at-heart city through the lens of Kolkata based creative photographer Leena Kejriwal.The Katha or tale of the city of old Kalikatha or todays Kolkata: the city presided over by the fearsome Goddess Kali.

Leena presents the city as she has seen it through the years and as the years have treated its monuments and landmarks, its life and people. The indomitable spirit to live, that vibrates through its alleys and bylanes, the riverfront, the image-makers of Kumartoli and Kalighat is what Kalikatha hopes to catch...

GO! TAKE A WALK! - (this series is a part of her series of Calcutta images which have even gone into her book.). In the series this Kolkata photographer specializing in history captures the inherent contradiction and indomitable spirit of this ancient city.

Here is what the artist says...

Its time to get down to reality with the fundamentals of capitalism crashing down around us and its very core greed for more and more, steadily removing us away from the simplicity of life its time to go take a walk!

Its time to rediscover ourselves to discover life first hand, not through windows and screens?to experience and savor the simple beauty of life on the streets, its innate grace in the midst of all the chaos. I think its time to go take a walk!

Photorealism the ultimate expression of reality...

GO! TAKE A WALK! - an exhibition of photographs showing scenes which we tend to miss, humour which we don?t get enough time to grasp, colors which we barely get a glimpse of, details which we overlook?unless of course we take a walk!

Artist's Statement