Leena Kejriwal - Leading Indian Photographer  


Calcutta: Repossessing the City

Leena Kejriwal is rated as one of the best editorial photographers in India who is well known for her art of adept story telling through her photographs. In her book Calcutta: Repossessing the City, this photographer specializing in history captures the essence of colonial Kolkata and juxtaposes it with the contemporary city to highlight the inherent contradictions of the place.

The book covers the length and breadth of an old city that continues to grow, keeping contemporary relevance. It traces a path from Chitteshwari in the north to Kalighat in the south, taking the reader into the heart of lanes and ´paras´ or neighbourhoods that are intrinsical to the city Job Charnock is said to have founded. It is replete with images of character and history. Where the visual image stops, the power of the word picks up offering detailed captions with each photograph so that the reader can savour the soul of the city.

As Tapati Guha Thakurta, art historian recollects, "The images can be seen as a self assigned role of remembrance, recuperation and salvage, in turning its back resolutely on the spaces of transformation and the spectacle of change." She offers us vignettes of "old" that has seamlessly blended with the new. The representation and chronicling she brings it gives the book its character.

ISBN: 9788187107620

Publisher: Om Books International

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