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The Ghats of Kolkata- Unheard Stories!

The term ‘Ghat’ is mostly used in certain parts of South Asia refers to a series of steps leading one down to a water body, which is usually a holy river.  In regions where Bengali is spoken ‘ghat’ means a set of stairs as which can lead to something as small as a pond or […]

Some Thoughts On Howrah Bridge

  To a poet’s or a painter’s imagination, the Howrah Bridge stands as a bridge on troubled waters spreading its arms to home denizens of all culture. This colossal structure has witnessed the alternation of cultural, economic, and political color. In the midst of post-modern development and the passé of babu culture, the bridge sighs […]

The Babu Culture Of Kolkata

A walk through the narrow streets of northern Kolkata, especially through the almost ancient and crumbling neighborhoods of Shovabazar, Bagbazar, or old Chitpur, will still give you an insight on the remnants of the baroque “babu culture” of colonial Kolkata. The “babus” (and not to leave out their bibis) were the neo-urban race of high-class, […]