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The Ghats of Kolkata- Unheard Stories!

The term ‘Ghat’ is mostly used in certain parts of South Asia refers to a series of steps leading one down to a water body, which is usually a holy river.  In regions where Bengali is spoken ‘ghat’ means a set of stairs as which can lead to something as small as a pond or […]

Mumbai: Stories In Stone (Part II)

The Gateway of India The Gateway of India, standing majestic on the shores of the Arabian Sea, observes silently all those who come to Mumbai through that harbour.   It is Mumbai’s most famous monument, for it is the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of the city.  It has featured in many […]

Discover India Part II – Mumbai: Stories in Stone

For travelers across the globe India has always been a fascinating destination. With its rich history and culture, the country has never ceased to fascinate the history and culture lovers who have visited the country repeatedly to savor its magic mystique and diverse heritage. In most instances these tourists have toured northern India and have […]