The Magic of Photography!

Our mind filters from the mundane and common, little aspects of greatness, that to the naked eyes seems just a passing moment: frame it, reflect on it and the flickering moment becomes a memory!

The magic of photography – is in creating stories, as such the photographer is in full control of what he wants to convey to the people. Conveying a message through words is easy, as it is a direct medium of communication. But when it comes to photography, the poetry is subtle and silent; and comprehending silence requires ability to connect, understand & relate.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  A memorable photograph is one that promises a story, or hides a mystery, that impels the viewer to want to know more, and thereby linger on the photograph.

Story telling through photography is an art, an art that is less theoretic and more psychological. Remember your best photo from childhood – the zoo visit with parents, the happy smiling faces, how you were okay to have perched on your daddy’s shoulder – now when you see that picture time and over, you don’t simply look at a picture – you look back at a happy moment in the past that adds much value to your present – this is the magic that photographs behold.

To create, re-create or simply to understand the magic of a photograph there isn’t any better tool than Observation and Absorption, after all even a memorable photograph can be one, resplendent in blurred lines! And it’s true that to breathe life into a picture it takes more than just technical understanding. Recalling the words of Alec Soth an American photographer, “Pictures are small, fragmentary things…What makes anything of these great?  It is a swirl of sensation, a feeling, and is otherwise impossible to define.”


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