Discover India Part II – Mumbai: Stories in Stone

For travelers across the globe India has always been a fascinating destination. With its rich history and culture, the country has never ceased to fascinate the history and culture lovers who have visited the country repeatedly to savor its magic mystique and diverse heritage. In most instances these tourists have toured northern India and have admired the innumerable monuments and forts each of which have a tremendous historical value;  or they have traveled to South and reveled in the varied color, art and culture that is intrinsic to the region. Yes many of them have been to Mumbai – but in most cases for business or to check out the modern face of India.

In fact Mumbai symbolizes all that is glamorous and contemporary in modern India. Referred as the City of Dreams, Mumbai houses Bollywood that produces the largest number of films every year, is the home to many a popular film star and is in fact the financial capital of India. There are many reasons to visit Mumbai – but what if I told you that you need to visit Mumbai to check out its wonderful architecture and heritage buildings? Surprised? Had you never connected Mumbai with history and heritage – well in that case you are wrong for Mumbai houses some of the most fantastic heritage buildings in India.

Like off course the magnificent Gateway of India which was built in the memory of the late King George V and Queen Mary to commensurate their visit in December 1911. Historically this place is significant as it marked the end of 300 years of colonialism – for it is from here that the last British troops departed India and sun set upon the British empire.

Just opposite to it is the Taj Mahal Hotel which has a design that is an eclectic mixture of Gujarati architecture and the western styles typical to that era. Designed by W Chambers this predictably symmetrical structure is a relic from the bygone times. There are many such buildings in Mumbai – most of them are reminiscent of the colonial era and at the same time they are testimony to the rich heritage of the region. Be it the town hall, Horniman Circle, University Hall & Library with Rajabai Tower each place has its unique story to tell.

Being a history lover I have always visited Mumbai and marveled at its rich heritage. These sculptures in stone have never ceased to amaze me and in my future blogs  I would love to talk about a few of them…

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