Three Must Read Books For Everyone Staying in Kolkata


Kolkata is proud to be known all over the world for its cultural, historic, artistic, and scientific blend in every layer of its existence. The city is exceptionally gifted with supposedly one of the best combinations of aesthetic and creative varieties in India and is known for its intelligent, creative, art-loving as well as researched book lovers. Among all other bright and interesting aspects of the city the culture of book reading among its people is a prominent facet of this city. This is such a serious and celebrated affair that Kolkata plays host to the world’s largest non-trade book fair which happens to be the most attended book fair in the world every year.

Many Kolkatans consider the Kolkata Book Fair as the inherent part of Kolkata and loves the fact they are well known in the world for their book loving nature. Books have become an integral part in the life of Kolkatans just like their favourite morning cup of cha. But what are the books that every Kolkatan must read? Here is my opinion…

The City of Joy- This is one of the most talked about books in Kolkata and it captures the feel and rhythm of this city. Written by Dominique Lapierre in 1985 the novel was later made into a film in 1992 and it had Patrick Swayze in its lead role.

Second enlarged and revised edition of Bangiya Sabarna Katha/Kalishetra Kalikatah by Bhabani Roy Choudhury (a translated version is available)– this is a delightful read and depicts details of Sabarna Roy Choudhury who was a zamindar of Kolkata prior to the arrival of British in Indian soil. The book talks about the metamorphosis of Kolkata from a small hamlet to the empire of the British Raj.

Biography of Mother Teresa: A Complete Authorized Biography by Katherine Sprink is the best option here.  It details life of this self less angel who made the city her home.

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