Monthly Archives: July, 2010

A Monsoon Afternoon By The River Side

“I shut my eyes in order to see.” –Paul Gauguin– A view at the Riverside on a monsoon afternoon – This particular photograph was taken at random when I chanced to pass by the Ganges river side while out on a casual walk. What attracted me to this scene was its haunting quality – the […]

Mumbai: Stories In Stone (Part II)

The Gateway of India The Gateway of India, standing majestic on the shores of the Arabian Sea, observes silently all those who come to Mumbai through that harbour.   It is Mumbai’s most famous monument, for it is the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of the city.  It has featured in many […]

Discover India: My Travels in Hampi

My Hampi travel was not a part of the annual vacation I take every year with my family – rather it was a solo journey for work and so before I set out for it I was not very optimistic that it would turn out to be an enjoyable one! Not surprisingly I was wrong […]

The Armenian Ghat: A Few Thoughts On The Place

The Kolkata ghats have never ceased to fascinate me – whenever I have visited them I have marveled at the romance and mystery associated with them. One such ghat that has been oft frequented by me is the Armenian Ghat. This is a ghat which has stood the test of time – with its glorious […]

Top 3 Tips for an Amateur Photographer

Whether it’s the picturesque locales of Cape Town or The Great Barrier Reef of Australia, our very own Taj Mahal or the sandy Thar Desert, and even my home town Kolkata – every time I see a natural or man-made wonder, I am keen to take a photograph and capture the moment for eternity. Today […]