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The Nuances of Portrait Photography

THE NUANCES OF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Portrait photography also known as portraiture is capturing a person or a group of people with the help of photography where the emphasis is on the expression present on the faces. Thus, since the entire focus is on the face, the subject is often seen to be directly looking at […]

Discrimination of Girl Child in India: A Stark Reality

Gender discrimination has been a predominant picture in the history ofIndia’s social development. Women and young girls have been subjected to various forms of abuses throughout the ages. In India, violence against young girls, female foeticide, pre-natal gender detection are common cases that have increased in the past decades and still continues to grow. Although […]

Is Photography an Art?

What Does Art Mean To You? It is undoubtedly evident that many of us are not aware of what Art actually means. Many of us possess expensive cameras, and mobile phones that come with high resolution camera options to help us capture that memorable moment. But, there is a vast difference between randomly clicking pictures […]

The Ghats of Kolkata- Unheard Stories!

The term ‘Ghat’ is mostly used in certain parts of South Asia refers to a series of steps leading one down to a water body, which is usually a holy river.  In regions where Bengali is spoken ‘ghat’ means a set of stairs as which can lead to something as small as a pond or […]

Three Must Read Books For Everyone Staying in Kolkata

  Kolkata is proud to be known all over the world for its cultural, historic, artistic, and scientific blend in every layer of its existence. The city is exceptionally gifted with supposedly one of the best combinations of aesthetic and creative varieties in India and is known for its intelligent, creative, art-loving as well as […]

Capturing Priceless Moments From Second Childhood: Photographing Elderly!

When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable.  Victor Hugo A good photograph of an elderly person captures that grace, the experience, and the knowledge gained over the years, rather than just the wrinkles.    Photographing elderly people can seem like a challenge to the inexperienced photographer, but if he/she can go beyond what is […]

Some Thoughts On Howrah Bridge

  To a poet’s or a painter’s imagination, the Howrah Bridge stands as a bridge on troubled waters spreading its arms to home denizens of all culture. This colossal structure has witnessed the alternation of cultural, economic, and political color. In the midst of post-modern development and the passé of babu culture, the bridge sighs […]

Women In Photography: Retrospection By An Indian Woman

Like most other professional fields where women were initially discouraged, the world of photography was also considered a male bastion as women were thought to be too delicate to carry the heavy photography equipment or work with the chemicals required for developing photographs.  Yet, women have invaded this male stronghold, and continue to do so […]

Three Must Read Books For Photographers

“I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it.”  Indeed, a very true statement by an unknown author.  Of course, reading good books on photography is the other option.  But how does one choose the right books?  There […]

The Babu Culture Of Kolkata

A walk through the narrow streets of northern Kolkata, especially through the almost ancient and crumbling neighborhoods of Shovabazar, Bagbazar, or old Chitpur, will still give you an insight on the remnants of the baroque “babu culture” of colonial Kolkata. The “babus” (and not to leave out their bibis) were the neo-urban race of high-class, […]